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laying back

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Army Idea

Okay, So I decided to play Tyranids. Bravo. now i need to get into the hard stuff about coming up with some sort of idea of what 'Nid army i am going to field. Time for a quick jump to my LGS.

Over at my LGS one of the staffers I met was a once Nid player who has started up a Chaos army. He reveals to me that he played a competitive Genestealer army with little to no gaunts.

Well i say now i know a genestealer army can be good, so going that way is right out. means like I'm looking for the Mass O' Gaunt approach. a few weeks later he loans me his genstealer Army for a tournament i lose 2 games and draw one (lost to Dark Angels led my the Master O' the Ravenwing, Spacewolves and fight to a draw against a group of Dark Angels led by Belial) There i learn that Genestealers can be pretty damn mean on the charge and neat but i still don't want to play a all stealer army but for now lets take two small units of them with 4 larger gaunt units.

The carnifex's however, perform miserably. and given i love plastics i am planning on converting fex's to make my Hive Tyrant's (why take 2? why not!) and it seems like every nid and their mother play with many fex's nowdays i am going to take none of them! so lets see... what do we have in the plan now...

2 Hive Tyrants (one winged),

2 broods of gaunts,

2 broods of hormagaunts

2 small broods of stealer's.

well lets see i need more tank killing ability more synapse, more shooting and more assault(you can never have enough). wait thats pretty much more of everything.

more synapse and more shooting, it looks what I need is a brood of warriors! so add 3 warriors to the list and just to be different lets go with a barbed strangelr as the special weapon! so pretty much they are infantry killing machines!

Now onto tank killing. there are two things that can rough up some tanks that arent carnifex's 1: Rending attacks! 2: Warp Blast!.

Well i still need a bit more synapse so lets take a Zoanthrope with Synapse and Warp Blast. that's 2 birds with one stone Yay!

Now i need a bit more tank killing and more assault but i have 4 Synapse creatures/ broods, that should be enough for now. looking though the codex i find two things i really like 1: Raveners and 2: a lictor.

Deepstriking with rending attacks?! whats not to love! So a Squad of Raveners is added to the list along with a lictor.

So what does our final list look like?

1 Flyrant,
1 HTyrant w/3 Tyrant Guard
1 Lictor
2 Broods of 6 Genestealers
2 Broods of 16 Spinegaunts
2Broods of 15 Hormagaunts
3 Raveners
1 Zoanthrope.

My Idea is to use the spinegaunts as cannon fodder advancing them in ront of my hormagaunts, then my hormaguants come in to tear up some infantry. the genstealers moving along the flank to tear up stragglers, bikesquads, and other flankers. and then the raveners and lictor Deep striking in to take care of the long range attackers and tanks (which are also hit by the flyrant in Assault and the Zoan with warpblast)

Well for not playing the game for a few years seems like a good plan!

Mission Statement and Introduction.

Well i have recently been brought back into wargaming (games workshop specifically) from about a 5-7 year absence. So i figured why not as a method to increase my activity and force me to paint and plan and whatnot make a blog of my trials and tribulations. I'm sure that no one wants to read them, but on the outside chance that someone might find them interesting here they are!

Firstly I have been drawn into 40k although i plan to get involved with fantasy as soon as i have finished my nid army. (haven't decided on what army i will play in fantasy. perhaps wood elves but also maybe goblins, dorfs or chaos (not khorne))

Furthermore i want to give my army a bit more background nothing like the Fighting Tigers of Veda, But something more than just these are some purple Tyranids all up in your grill.

So without further ado, I begin my actuall posts.