Sunday, December 9, 2007

Mission Statement and Introduction.

Well i have recently been brought back into wargaming (games workshop specifically) from about a 5-7 year absence. So i figured why not as a method to increase my activity and force me to paint and plan and whatnot make a blog of my trials and tribulations. I'm sure that no one wants to read them, but on the outside chance that someone might find them interesting here they are!

Firstly I have been drawn into 40k although i plan to get involved with fantasy as soon as i have finished my nid army. (haven't decided on what army i will play in fantasy. perhaps wood elves but also maybe goblins, dorfs or chaos (not khorne))

Furthermore i want to give my army a bit more background nothing like the Fighting Tigers of Veda, But something more than just these are some purple Tyranids all up in your grill.

So without further ado, I begin my actuall posts.

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